Going on hiatus!

I actually saw that I had requests, and I will try to get to them as soon as possible. 

I’m starting over, so I’m deleting all the requests I had. So send in new requests!

Requests are closed!

I’ll try to do some of my request later on today if not i’ll do them tomorrow.

Request are open! Read the rules first though.

please please please can you do more crackship gifs of sebastian stan and elizabeth olsen please?

Alot of people are requesting Sebastian Stan and I’m getting tired of doing those requests. Maybe i’ll do your request at later time. Sorry!

I know people are requesting alot of crackships with Sebastian Stan and while I love him, I’m getting kind of tired of doing crackship requests with him involved.

So i’m taking a small break from Sebastian Stan crackships, sorry! If you want to request a different actor like…Richard Madden, Nathaniel Buzolic, Michael Fassbender or Tom Hiddleston. I don’t mind, just no more Sebastian Stan for awhile.

To those who requested

I will get to my requests tomorrow. Sorry!