Hello there! May I request Gemma Arterton & Sebastian Stan? Pretty please?

I love your request! I will try to get to it asap.

I got some of my requests done. But I still have more to do so my ask box will stay closed.

If it's not a bother, could you do Tom Hiddleston and Gemma Arterton? Please and Thank you!

Oh its no bother at all. Your request is done and queued! And your welcome :).

Sophia Bush and Gemma Arterton friendship crackship gif? Please

Request is done and queued!

Sorry I haven’t been on. I’ll try to get to all my requests hopefully by tonight. So for now: Ask box is closed. 

Goodnight <3

I will work on the rest of my requests tomorrow or monday.

To those who make requests for Gemma Arteton crackships, I love you guys :). Gemma is my lady crush and I love making crackships for her.